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Management of the Process Development of a Novel Extractive Metallurgy Process


Are you a junior company considering the funding of new technology, for instance, recovery of rare earths, or a new magnesium process, etc. that the developer assures you is the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Or, perhaps, you are funding research and have consultants operating from several different locations – and you need help implementing a system to keep the team on the same page?  Perhaps someone is trying to convince you that they have ground breaking technology that you should fund?  Perhaps, I can help.


I believe my journey has enabled me to optimize your process development efforts.  First, I’m a process engineer with 51 years of experience in extractive metallurgy, process development/management, and the building of Techno-Economic Models.  Second, I worked as a Principal Process Engineer with Fluor evaluating new technology and learning what needs to be in place to commercialize and pilot new technology.  I have worked on dozens of entrepreneurial process development projects; a few have gone to the pilot stage, none have been commercialized.   All of them have been under-funded.  It is my judgment that one or two of them could have made it to commercialization with a more focused project management style that included greater transparency with the investment community.


·       Managing the Process Development of a Novel Extractive Metallurgy Process on a Shoestring Budget



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When I have downtime, I am working on a process to make magnesium which I call the Torpedo Process.  The link of course does not really give you “the secret”, but if stirs your curiosity, I can furnish more information with a confidentiality statement in place.



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$160/hr (domestic). Down payment required for new customers or old customers with poor payment history. In some cases I will sell blocks of 100 hours for $10K and other considerations.

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